Furnace Replacement in Cincinnati, Loveland, Milford, OH, and Surrounding Areas

Furnace Replacement & Heating Installation in Cincinnati, Loveland, Milford, Norwood, Kenwood, Blue Ash, Northgate, Springdale, Indian Hill, Sharonville, Bridgetown North, Ohio, and Surrounding Areas

If you’re looking for the best option for furnace replacement in Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas, look to Manis Heating and Air Conditioning for all your furnace replacement needs. There’s no need to compromise on quality when it comes to something so important to the comfort of your home. The most important thing you can do is to get a well-trained professional to do the job for you to make sure it gets done right the first time. If it’s not done correctly, problems can start popping up and you may find yourself paying to have them corrected!

When Should I Replace My Heater?

There’s no clear cut way to know when you should replace your heater. There are some things to look for that can tell you if it’s time to consider replacing your furnace. One important factor is the number of years the furnace has been in use. Typically a furnace lasts from 15 to 20 years. Well-maintained, high quality brands can last up to five years longer. If you want to know the specific lifespan of your model, you can check the label or ask the contractor who installed it.

Older Furnaces Can Cost You

Another factor to consider is the cost to repair the furnace if it were to break down. If the repair bill will be more than a third of the retail cost of the unit, then getting a new one would be the more economical option. You should also consider the frequency with which you find yourself repairing the furnace. If you’re having to call the repairman more than two or three times a year, then definitely consider swapping your old furnace out. These aren’t rules that are set in stone, but they act as good guidelines. You should talked to a trained professional to get an expert opinion about your particular case. We at Manis would be happy to take a look at your system and help you make the decision that’s right for you.

Let The Experts Take Care of It

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